Why Ride?

Today, there are more than 10 million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes.

With side-effects as severe as kidney failure, blindness, amputation, heart attack and stroke, Diabetes is as serious as AIDS, or Cancer. I am not tying to belittle those ailments, but Diabetes is not as prevalent in today's media. I want to change that.

In 2008/09, one in every 15 Canadians was living with diabetes.

Here’s a table comparing Diabetes, AIDS and Cancer in Canada:

  Diagnosed / Year Deaths / Year
Information sourced throughout the Internet
Diabetes 203,018 8,143
Breast Cancer 23,800 5,843
AIDS 2,062 427

Something as benign as stubbing my toe could cause me to loose my leg. There is a chance that I will not be there to meet my grandchildren, to dance with my daughter at her wedding, to see her graduate, or even to see her start school. Please help me raise the funds needed for the research that will cure my disease.

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Preparation Progress

2015-08-31 - So I have decided to postpone the ride. My suport team will have a motorhome at that point allowing me to make the trip cheaper and have more money for the final donation. This will also give me more time for training.

2015-05-02 - Wow... One year to go. There is still so much to do. I have to start calling people across the country. Find places to stay and things to eat. We still need to raise money for the trip and organise the route. I feel a little overwhelmed. I am looking forward to the ride, but its a big undertaking. The crowed sourcing websites have failed to raise the money the allude to, no big surprise there, but we still need funds to make this ride happen, so I am taking to begging on the street... No, just kidding. But I am asking for more help. If you, or anyone you know would like to help out in anyway, please feel free to contact me here or via email at info@crossingtocure.com. Check back in a bit for some pictures and the first entry in my training video blog. :D

2015-03-16 - Hey everyone!!! It is 2015, just under 14 months to go. I have started getting active again and am eating more healthy. Mmm vegies... HAHAHA. This winter seams to be dragging on though. I want to get back on the bike, feel the wind in my hair. (ok, I do not have hair... What ever.)

2014-10-14 - Ok, so life decided that I was not allowed to go out yesterday and have my ride. That is ok, I hope for some nice weather for the rest of the month and I will get out eventually. Meanwhile, it is almost time to get back into the fundraising and planning stages. I am going to finalize my rout in the next couple days, figure out all the ups and downs and how many days to spend on the road. I want to keep the trip down to 2 months. I will also need to figure out where to sleep, daily budget, last minute items, and on and on. There is no end to the planning, at least not until the day I leave.

Had a really good meeting with a Daniel over the weekend, he had some good thoughts on things I had not thought of. He also has a lot of REALLY good connections. I am looking forward to hearing from him again.


Proceeds to Canadian Diabetes Association

With just under a year to go, we are pushing the fundraising. We need to raise $10,000.00 to make this tour a reality. With that in mind, we will now be taking donations directly on the site. Please click the button below and donate generously. 

The Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) will be hosting an online fundraiser on behalf of Crossing to Cure. All money raised through this link will go directly to the CDA. Every penny counts in the fight to cure Diabetes. Almost 2.4 million Canadians live with Diabetes.

Visit the CDA Fundraiser.